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There is no separation. Everything is already one. There is only what is apparently happening for no-one.
Everything is an appearance. Nothing is happening, nothing is real. Everything is only apparently happening, that is freedom.

When there is living in the story in a dualistic world, living in time and distance, mostly there is a feeling of not being good enough, a dissatisfaction or something has gone wrong.
It seems a hold in a threatening world in which you believe you have to survive, to have free will and choice to make your live work. Everything seems to happen to you (‘me’). ‘Me’ is the dreamed story of right and wrong. There is no ‘me’, there is already no ‘me’, there never has been a ‘me’. There is no time, no distance, no right or wrong. There is only one.

The suggestion here is, that the embodied belief that there is something wrong, is a misunderstanding. Everything is unconditional love. It is unconditional . There is nowhere to go. This is already it. Everything is already complete as it is.

Non Duality